Jetton Hits Temecula!

Race report-US Cup Race #1 Vail Lake
Written By Platinum rider Lee Jetton

Its the first race of the 2014 US Cup series, I'm on a new team, first year as a CAT 2 racer and 350 plus miles away from home. Its cool, windy and rain is in the forecast for this morning but I'm too amped up to notice. The announcer calls us to the starting line and informs us were starting with the 40-44 age group. Both groups combined is a huge field with more than forty racers taking off at once. We start and I'm in the middle of the pack trying to fight my way to the front. The course narrows down within 150 yards from the start line then opens back up to a tricky left turn onto an uneven pavement section then back on the dirt. I'm holding my own and made some passes as were making our way to the first climb, I'm feeling good and performing well throughout the race but didn't have enough to stay with the lead group. As it turns out I came in 10th out of 21 racers in my age group. I'm looking forward to Bonelli Park in a couple of weeks and moving closer to a podium finish. 




US Cup #1 Vail Lake 

US Cup #1  Vail Lake  3/2/14

The Platinum Performance Mtn bike team was in force at the start of the 2014 season.  The team is ready to defend their title for the tenth year!  Twenty-Four riders may the trek to Temecula, CA to take on some of California's best riders.  The weather had dumped rain on the course for days and the conditions were surprisingly perfect.  The course consisted of sticky soil that made the singletrack ideal.  The lap consisted of an 8 mile loop that had plenty of twisting singletract, steep short climbs, and fast fireroads.  Every rider had great things to say on this venue.

Here are some pictures of the Platinum riders ripping up the descents.

Randy Liechty took a 1st place in the Cat 1 55-59 class.


Jon Miller putting another 1st place trophy on his shelf.


Jennifer Todd took her first victory in the Pro Women's division.


Bob Llamas never gets old with another victory in the Cat 1 70+ class.


Alex Teno rode strong for a 2nd place finish in the Cat 1 45-49.


Dermot Carroll was on all cylinders with a 2nd place finish in the Cat 1 50-54 race.


Steve Silva surprised himself on how well he rode to a 2nd place finish in the Cat 1 55-59 class.


Josh West rode solid for a 3rd place finish in the Cat 1 30-34 division.


Ted Williams took a hard fought 3rd place finish in the Cat 1 55-59 race.


Tim Sparks took a respectable 3rd place finish in the Cat 1 Singlespeed race.


Francisco Vidal rode to a 4th place finish in the Cat 1 50-54 race.


Corey Luce took a 5th in his first race of the Cat 1 30-34 category in the US Cup.  


Roger Moore raced to a 5th place finish in the Cat 1 45-49 class.


Craig Sisino took a 5th in the Cat 1 Singlespeed division.


John Biron took a 6th place finish in the Cat 1 50-54 race.


Michael Marshall rode to a 9th place finish in the Cat 1 50-54 race.


Andy Osburn rode to a 10th place finish in the Ca t1 50-54 race.


Ryan Corbet shown here and Todd Booth both had mechanicals in the Cat 1 40-44 race.  Unfortunately, for Ryan he was in 2nd place in the last lap when he tore a sidewall on his tire.  






Images From Fontana Winter Series #4

Todd Booth riding to a victory in the Cat 1 43-50 division.


Ryan Corbet taking Gold in the Cat 1 35-42 class.


Francisco Vidal claims the win in the Cat 1 50-58 race!


Photos by Phillip Beckman.


Southridge Winter Series #4

Southridge Winter Series #4  Fontana, CA  2/23/14

The Platinum Performance Team had it's last warm-up race before the US Cup season which starts next weekend.  The seven riders that attended the race had success in their various races.  Ryan Corbet started off the day by taking the Cat 1 35-42 race with a win.  Followed by Todd Booth wining the Cat 1 43-50 race.  Francisco Vidal took charge in the Cat 1 50-58 race with a win.  Robert Neary won the Cat 2 51-59 division.  Adam Poytress rode to a 2nd place finish in the Cat 1 27-34 race.  Alex Teno had some stiff competition in the Vet Pro race.  Teno took a 3rd place finish.  Randy Liechty had a wheel problem which pushed him down to 4th.  Great job guys!


Jetton Experiences Southridge


Race report #2 - Southridge Winter Series Race #3
Written by Lee Jetton
CAT-2 age group 43-50
I knew going in this race it was going to test my nerves and technical skills as a racer. So here we are Saturday morning at the starting line in Fontana and I'm watching each category wave take off. My nerves are up and the racing mind takes over. The starting horn blows and we bolt off the line. Right from the start several guys are attacking before we start climbing the rock garden section, so I had to come up with a strategy very quickly on how I'm going to keep these guys in reach! Sure enough as I played this out in my mind, guys are blowing up by the time we hit the asphalt climb. At that point I decide to make my move on the asphalt and stay with the lead group. As I complete my first lap I'm feeling good and strong, passing other riders easily but couldn't see the top 5 in my group. I had to make my way through a lot of traffic on the second lap, searching for the leader but knowing I was somewhere in the top 5. As the results were tallied, I ended up on the podium with a 5th place finish!
What I've learned from my first two races in CAT2 is, I need to push harder on the start and stay with the top 5 so I'm not working through so much traffic.