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Platinum Scores in Fontana!!!

               Steve Silva, Dean Swank and Ron Takeda ready for action!



                                  Todd Booth in deep thought!

US Cup #3  Fontana, Ca  3/25/12
The US Cup Mtn Bike XC series was held in Fontana, Ca last weekend.  The course was a twisty, technical and sandy base loop with tons of single track.  The riders had to keep focus for the entire 6 miles loop.  The Pros and Cat 1 racers took on a 4 lap course.  With rain in the horizon, everyone was anxious on getting started.  The first lap was dry which featured loose powdery dirt that caused riders to wash out on the numerous turns.  The rain started on the 2nd lap which changed the conditions dramatically.  The dirt became tacky and perfect.  The winds kicked up making the conditions tough.  In the end, the race was success due to the heavy rain hitting just after the podium awards. 
The Platinum Performance Team had 18 riders take on the challenging course.  The team took home four top podium finishes making it a very rewarding day!  Todd Booth (Cat 1 40-44), Dan Benson (Cat 1 19-24), Dean Swank(Cat 1 55-59) and Jon Miller (Cat 1 60-64) pulled off victories on one of the tougher courses of the season.  John Biron(Cat 1 50-54) and Terry Dahl (Cat 1 70+) pulled off 2nd place finishes.  Ron Takeda (Cat 1 50-54) brought home a bronze.  While, Jeff Stern (Cat 2 25-29) rode to a 4th place finish.  Rounding out the top five, was Greg Turner (Cat 1 45-49) with a fifth place finish. 
The Platinum Performance team is chasing the Rock N Road team for the honor of being the number one Men's XC team in California for the 2012 season.

 See the full results on the Results page....above.